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TBear visits the playground


So after my attempt at the gym last week I decided that was not for me and it would seem odd to have a bear that looks muscular. No, this is not an excuse. I just feel I need curves and I should not go against normal bear conventions. Have you ever seen a bear with a six-pack? No? I didn’t think so either **grab a six-pack of beer**…this doesn’t count. Also, you can’t physically see me so that works in my favour. NO BOSS, I AM NOT DRINKING  ON THE JOB. SHEESH. Thesen Lifestyle is the best. Mwah.

Anyway, when I was at the outdoor gym on Thesen Island I saw the playground and thought it would be a lot more fun. I was right. It was entertaining to ride on the horse. A bear on a horse? Who would have thought? I enjoyed going up the jungle gym to go down the slide (what fun that was) and ended up doing this several times. I also tried going through the tyre tunnel and got stuck, probably because of my curves. Also, it might be because this is designed for kids. There I was though, stuck. I must have been there for an hour or so before someone came by (damn my social awkwardness). Eventually, they got me out with the use of some butter. I know right, I mean who carries butter with them when going for a walk?

Well, other than that little issue I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a great spot for kids. They even have tables for parents to sit and relax while the kids all play. The tables are also nicely situated in an area beneath some nice big trees providing great shade and also making it a lovely picnic spot. So bring the kids and chill while they tire themselves out for the day.

This is TBear signing off. See you next week.

– TBear