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TBear tries his hand at Tennis

Due to my new living arrangement with Thesen Lifestyle at one of their luxurious houses on Thesen Island, I often find myself looking for something to do. Today as I was taking a stroll around the island I came across some very well maintained tennis courts and thought that I had to try it.

I called up some friends and challenged them to a match thinking it would be a lot of fun and perhaps an easy win. Luckily for me, they had tennis racquets and tennis balls on hand so that made things a lot easier. So I waited for them to come and show me what they got on the courts. In my excitement, I completely forgot to ask someone to take action photos of me schooling these guys, but there is a sweet photo of me chilling after the match. Aren’t I just the cutest?


Pfffft. Too easy. The first challenger folded like tissue paper. Didn’t even break a sweat. The second challenger was a bit tougher, but also folded, however like regular paper – little bit more effort required. When the third and final challenger entered I was already quite exhausted, but I was up to it. Death before dishonour I always say. They had saved the best for last and I was bested. In my defence though, I was extremely tired after having faced two opponents prior to this one. I feel like this was their plan.

We then had a game of doubles. We all took it easy and were just really playing gently and messing around. It was a lot of fun though and I appreciate the fact that Thesen Island offers both tranquil walks and outdoor fun activities to do. I would definitely enjoy some tennis again soon, but next time rather just one game of singles and one game of doubles to put all my effort into it. Now to go and enjoy some tennis biscuits as a fitting reward.

Till next time – have a beary good day

– TBear