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TBear relaxing at Sirocco

Firstly Sirocco is practically next door to Tapas. The restaurants are like bros. Cool bros who enjoying hanging out and enjoying great food and drinks together. I would say they are about 50 steps apart. So from Thesen Island (thank you Thesen Lifestyle for the amazing accommodation), it is a short and convenient walk to Thesen Harbour Town. What bliss. This becomes really handy when you are full of food and have to walk back home.

When you arrive there are 2 sections to walk into. A nice outside area covered by lovely trees providing a nice atmosphere and of course shade where they play live music (on certain days). Then, of course, there is an indoor area where I chose to sit at a table with a lovely view of the ocean…again. Yup, I am a sucker for that ocean view. It’s Knysna though, this should be expected.

The lovely staff greeted me in such an inviting fashion that it feels like you actually belong here. I am glad they allow bears into the restaurant in the first place. It’s worth taking a risk though because the food is amazing at the other restaurants so why would number 4 of the cornerstone be any different.

Well, simply put, it’s not. I decided to order the Kingklip fish because you know me and my love of seafood and holy moly was it delicious. Soft, tender and deliciously paired with some risotto. You can’t go wrong. The most disappointing part of the dish was that it had to come to an end, but no worries because I came with an appetite and decided I wanted more sushi. I ordered the deluxe platter which can easily feed 4 people. I was alone and not in the sharing mood though. Exquisite. I can say nothing more than that as it exceeded my expectations. As these restaurants always do.

Knysna truly has some of the best restaurants and seafood you would probably ever taste anywhere in the world. I think you should come on down to Sirocco and try it rather than take my word for it. Truly a magnificent experience.

So now you will have to bear with waiting until my next blog.

Bye till next time.