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TBear has an outdoor workout


Another week has passed and another bit of scoping out the island is on my list of things to do. Thesen Island is such a pretty place and I must admit this past week I decided to just stay in my house given to me by Thesen Lifestyle. I ended up just ordering in lots of pizza and gorging myself on it while watching some Netflix on the smart TV. I have really slacked and I was lazy. As a result, I have picked up a few extra kilos sadly so I think I have to go and hit the gym.

Lucky for me Thesen Island has an outdoor gym and I was motivated to do a bit of proper exercise after my lazy week of nothingness. The gym is no joke though, they have everything the body needs as long as you are willing to put in the work. Your body works as the weights so essentially it is something you could do at home with some of the equipment available. Yet there is pride on the line because if someone walks past you need to be able to show your skills.

I waited for the perfect moment when no one was around and had at it. I think I did a total of 2 push-ups, 1 pull up and 3 sit-ups. That I thought was enough for the day. Don’t want to exert myself too much. I need my paws for blog writing after all. I don’t want to injury my delicates otherwise everyone would miss reading my weekly blog. At least the photo we got of me doing a sit-up was very impressive. Yeah, take that bodybuilders.

Till next week then, this is TBear signing off with extra strong and swollen muscles. Byeeeeee.