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TBear hangs out at Tapas

Welcome back to my blog everyone. We last left off at 34 Degrees South which was stop number 2 of 5. Today for stop number 3 I decided to visit Tapas.

When you arrive there is a nice open plan area for you to sit at and you are greeted by very friendly staff who are warm and inviting. Once you step inside you see on display all the bottles of tequila on the walls. This seems like my kind of place. I guess it’s safe to say that when you come to Tapas you can’t leave without having some tequila. It’s a tradition.

I grabbed a seat near the water because that’s my thing. I love being able to just relax and enjoy a tranquil view while enjoying my meal. Tapas can also be quite lively

as they often have live bands playing there in the evenings. If you enjoy that vibe then the evenings are for you. I prefer tranquillity and therefore the day is where it’s at for me.

As is the tradition I decided to have some tequila with my meal (I might have had 1 bottle too many though). The meal was, of course, exquisite which is what one comes to expect when visiting these cornerstone restaurants. I decided on mussels (the sauce is divine – dip your bread in it, you won’t regret it), jalapeno poppers, calamari, and oysters. (Amazing variety right?) Everything was utterly delicious and don’t be fooled by the smaller portions. Even my big fat bear tummy got filled up quite quickly.

How do you get there you ask? Well, it is within walking distance from Thesen Island. The area is called Thesen Harbour Town and there is literally a bridge you can take to get there from the island (as I was staying at S13 with Thesen Lifestyle at the time this was extremely convenient – took me 5 minutes to get there).

Tapas will be seeing me again very soon as I have some unfinished business with that unopened tequila bottle.

Till next time,  be beary good people.