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TBear gets lost in the maze

Continuing on my journey to try out all the different activities on Thesen Island. I decided it was time to get lost in the maze. I will admit, I have been avoiding this one as mazes freak me out. The whole idea of going somewhere to intentionally get yourself lost just seems crazy to me. But for my loyal blog reading fan (here is a shout out to you Timmy, you keep my dreams and my blog alive) I decided to face the maze and my fears.

So after many hours of psyching myself up and sitting outside the entrance. I finally decided to take the chance and just go for it. I did not take the camera with me as I didn’t need the extra distraction. How do you know that I went into the maze at all you ask? Well, you don’t, but you can trust me. The experience was good. See, a nice descriptive and informative piece of information about the maze. How could you not believe me?

Truth be told it wasn’t as bad as I first thought it would be. It isn’t the biggest maze under the sun and I think that definitely helped me a lot. It took me a total of 30min and I really just starting enjoying the peaceful walk around. I am sure an expert could do it in 2 min.  If you get stuck and need to get out just climb up and over. No need to panic.

Overall it was lovely and I actually wouldn’t mind doing it again. I would recommend it for the whole family. It is situated around the play park area near to the private beach which is close to where I was staying with Thesen Lifestyle (Q2 beach house – Check out last weeks showcase).

Till next time, this is Tbear getting lost………in thought this time.