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TBear chills at the private beach

I had a blast last week and decided that this week I am going to chill and take it easy. Luckily Thesen Lifestyle upgraded my house to Beach HOuse Q2, which is the property they have right on the private beach. This has to be 1 of my favourites for sure. Sadly it was just a bit too big for only me

though. This house requires all your buds, but more about that next week where I will showcase the house.

I decided to hit up the private beach. This time around I brought my buddies again. What fun is the beach alone right? So we decided we are gonna play and have fun in the sun until the evening where we would end the day with a braai. So firstly I had a go on 1 of the canoes provided by Thesen Lifestyle on the water by the beach. It was quite nice that the water was calm (no waves) so it made things a lot smoother. It also helps to know that the water is calm so if you bring the kids then they won’t get swept away.

We decided to have a few games of volleyball 2 vs 2. Just really having a bit of fun because we were all new to the experience. Before the sun started going down we decided that it was time to start the fire. Out came the camping chairs and the beers while we chilled. There is even Wi-Fi for those who were too tired to mingle after the long day.

Not much else to add other than the experience was amazing and it is extremely rare to be able to go to a beach and essentially have the beach to yourself. If you haven’t noticed by now, that is my thing. Peaceful, relaxing and quiet vibes no matter where I go. If you’re on the island then come on down and enjoy the beach. It’s a ton of fun for everyone.

This is TBear wishing you good weather for beach times. See you next time.