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Tbear checks out the bird hide

While getting lost last week doing the maze, I saw an odd structure which I later learned was a bird hide. For those who do not know what a bird hide is, it is a shelter which is often camouflaged that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds at close quarters. Thank you very much to Google for explaining that, gold star for you.

So I decided to check it out. Obviously packed myself a nice big bear sized picnic lunch and told myself that I was going to make a day out of it. Then I got settled inside and noticed that they have a few posters with information on the wildlife that you could come across while there. I really enjoyed the extra touch as I like to know what I am looking at. Sadly there was no information regarding the names of the 2 spiders who decided to pay me a visit and after that, I am sure that all the wildlife in the vicinity fled because there was some sort of high pitched screaming coming from the bird hide. Don’t know who it was from though. Very odd indeed.

I managed to compose myself long enough to enjoy my meal and watch the birds. I saw an oyster catcher, a goose, and a hadeda. I think the screaming came from this bird actually. I read that they are known for making lots of noise. Especially when one is sleeping.

It was definitely a very fun and eventful afternoon. Would I happily do it again? YES. Next time though I will activate ninja stealth mode and hopefully see a lot more animals. You can find the bird hide situated near the maze on Thesen Island.

Thanks again to Thesen Lifestyle for allowing me to stay at their beautiful beach house Q2. What a stunning place. Hopefully, you all read my featured showcase on the house.

Till next time this is TBear NOT SCREAMING GOODBYE.