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House Showcases – TBear at Beach House Q2

Welcome back.  I have decided that every month I will showcase a house for Thesen Lifestyle because I feel that this will help all my readers see and understand what I am talking about when I speak about my accommodations in the blog. It will provide some valuable insight. So here we go. We will be starting this one with Beach House – Q2.

The house is a beauty and admittedly, no photos of the house really do it any sort of justice. Therefore, it is something that you need to see. With 4 beautifully spacious bedrooms that sleep up to a total of 8 people. You will find that you will not be wanting for space in this house. Also, there is a Foozball table in 1 of the garages which has been converted into a games/chill room for the family to have ‘friendly’ competitions. There are 2 fridges so you know won’t run out of space for those beers whether it be just for you or if you are hosting some friends and family.

The house also offers the standard which is canoes, paddles and life jackets. There are 2 TV’s (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs) so you don’t have to fight with the kids about whether it is going to be rugby or cartoons at 5pm. The house is situated right on the beach and you could literally walk down the stairs from the deck into the lagoon.

The deck is nice and spacious and when the tide is in you could always try your hand at a bit of fishing. You can casting your line from the comfort of your home. Where else could you get that? That really appeals to me as a bear. Fishing is super fun. There is also a braai area on the deck so you could light a nice fire and relax with everyone. You can enjoy the view of the private beach or go just swim across. (It is not too far). After that, you can enjoy some volleyball.

Honestly, this is one of my favourite houses that Thesen Lifestyle offers on Thesen Island.  In conclusion, I would say this house is more for fun, hosting, partying and catering as it is very big and bigger is always better to share with everyone. It all depends on what you like. I could enjoy it either way.

Next month’s showcase will cover P30 – Cedar House. Which is also a fantastic accommodation that Thesen Lifestyle offers.

Till then. Take beary good care of yourself.